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Vision and Mission
Our vision is to be the top brand of water heater in Asia with ranges of lifestyle appliances offering innovative features that matters most to families.
Our mission is to passionately design and innovate lifestyle appliances which are reliable and proud to own by:
People - Our common shared values
  • Embracing innovation as part of corporate culture.
  • Adopting onsumer lifestyle needs as basis for R&D.
  • Providing comfort and safety beyond product innovation.
  • To provide professional and high quality service to customer.
  • Enhancing Joven brand equity through brand investment and expansion to global market.
Process - Consistency in Product & Service Delivery
  • In compliance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Such processes run beyond manufacturing to include R&D, Brand & Marketing, Customer Service, Logistics, Sales & support.
Product - Tested for Safety & Quality
Tested by SIRIM Malaysia
Tested by PSB Singapore
Tested by EEI Thailand
  • All of JOVEN products are tested and approved by safety and standards authorities before reaching to end consumers. Our continuous R&D Development ensures good quality standards and only the finest quality materials used in production.
  • SIRIM from Malaysia; PSB from Singapore & EEI from Thailand has tested and approved our products.
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