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JOVEN Instant Water Heater
Bala Krishnan. E
This is to record my heartiest congratulation on your recent celebration of 25 years of manufacturing your excellent JOVEN Instant Water Heaters in Malaysia.

I had purchase your model EC-300 (serial No. 92073982) some time in early 1993 when I moved to the above house. I had purchased the unit from your dearler Han Lim Trading Sdn. Bhd.

The unit has lasted still 18th August, 2009 - almost 16 years (5840 days of use) of continues usage. My wife ad I use the unit, at least twice a day for our Bath. There are day when each of us bath more than 3 times a day. Thus, the unit has withstood in excess 23,000+ switch "On" and "Off". We could deduct 1 percent for days that we were on leave, over the years. This could be off set, as there are days when our Sons use our shower when we have visitors in the House.

It has high rating for the following reasons:


  1. A Malaysia Made Product.
  2. The size being small did not reflect that it could last all these years.
  3. Delivered high thermal hot water till the day of break-down.
  4. Not been hit by lighting over the years of service.
  5. Nil repairs from the date of purchase.

We have now replaced the unit with your Mode E-802. The reason for the choice of this model is that, we have a booster pump in the house; thus we do not need a unit with a built-in pump.

Even over the 16 years, you have maintained a price for your Instant Water Heater which is most affordable. The price over the 16 years has not appreciated more than 25 percent. This is great by any standard.

"Accolade" is in order for your research, development, marking and maintaining an affordable retail price.

I am also forwarding the herewith the Local Warranty Card for the Mode E802 purchase on 19th August, 2009 from Hanlim Trading Sdn. Bhd.

Thank you
Yours Faithfully




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