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Water Pressure Guide
What is water pressure?
Water pressure is the flow strength of water through a pipe in your household.
Water Pressure from Mains or Ground Floor
Water Pressure System from Water Tank
Water pressure increases with the height from the water tank, therefore the higher the water tank is from the shower point, the more water pressure is. Normally for houses with 2 storey’s, on the 1st floor there is generally not enough height between the tank and shower point, thus causing weak water pressure. The same applies for Ground floor with the supply coming from water tank. You can do some basic calculation on your water pressure by using this formula:

Calculate the water pressure in your home by using this simple formula:
Water pressure is measure by psi or bars. To measure the psi take the number of feet from the water tank to the water heater unit and divide it by 2.3

Height from water tank above ceiling to water heater unit: 5 feet/2.3 = 2.17psi
Minimum pressure for water heater to operate = 1.45 psi/0.1 bar
Maximum water pressure for water heater = 55 psi/3.8 bar
1 bar = 14.45psi

If following the above formula, the height between the water tank and the heater is 5ft, therefore providing 2.17psi of water which is weak pressure. In order to achieve a comfortable water pressure it is recommended at 15-20psi and between 4-5 liters per minute.

The higher your water tank is from your shower, the more your water pressure will be. If you find your house to have weak water pressure, you can opt for the water heater with built-in booster pump or a centralized booster pump. The water heater models with booster pump can boost your shower by 4× stronger from the original water pressure. The same thing applies for apartments, condominiums or houses with more than 2 storey's.
Water Pressure System for Apartments/Condominiums
An apartment with 15 storey's will give a good pressure to the units on the 13th floor and below, the higher building, the larger the distance between the tank and the heater, the stronger the water pressure will be. Basic calculation can be done for the above formula
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