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JP 100
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JP 100
High Efficiency Purifier Cartridge (High Efficiency Non Woven Fabric Filter and Powdered Activated Carbon)
3 Function Selector Valve ('Filtered', 'Unfiltered' and 'Shower')
Memory Button (Indicate the Month Last Changed Cartridge)
Stainless Steel Outlet Pipe (Rust Free Water)
Ergonomic Design Using High Quality Food Grade Plastic
High Efficiency Purifier Cartridge (JP 100C)
  • High efficiency non woven fabric filter
  • High efficiency powdered activated carbon
  • Effective removal of chlorine, rust, turbidity, sediment and odour for crystal clear and tastier water
3 Function Selector Valve
  • 3 functions mode as filtered, unfiltered and shower
  • Convenience
  • Ergonomics design
Memory Button
  • Indicate the month last changed cartridge
  • Serve as memory reminder
Stainless Steel Outlet Pipe
  • Rust free water
  • Hygienic and clean
Ergonomic Design Using High Quality Food Grade Plastic
  • Food safe material
  • Non-toxic
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