What is the difference between Point-Of-Entry (POE) Filter
compared to the Point-Of-Use (POU) Filter?

Water Purifier-POE


Type : Pre-filter

Location : Outdoor

Filters : Dirt & Sediment

Water Purifier-POU


Type : Purifier

Location : Indoor

Purifies : Chlorine, Rust, Odour, Sediment and Contaminants from the water

A complete water purification system consists of Outdoor or Point-Of-Entry (POE) filtration and Indoor or Point-Of-Use (POU) purification to remove all the Dirt, Sediment, Chlorine and unwanted components from the incoming water supply of your premise.

Location of the Point-Of-Entry & Point-Of-Use System in your home:

Water Purifier Location of the POE

Here are a few tips to consider before buying a water filter:

1. Determine the type of water purifier you need for your home.




JWP20 is the 1st step of filtration that facilitates the removal of Dirt and Sediment but does not remove Chlorine to keep your pipes and water tank in sanitary condition.



JP300 / JP200

JP300 and JP200 are indoor water purifiers that will purify off the Chlorine, Odour, Dirt, Sediment, Turbidity and Contaminants to give you crystal-clear water for your everyday such as drinking, cooking and washing chores.

2. Check the area where you are going to install your Indoor or Outdoor water purifier.

JP200 - (POU) Sink-Top Purifier

JP200-POU Sink-Top Purifier

The Sink-Top purifier model JP200 will be a good solution for a fast and easy installation and with budget in mind if counter top space is not an issue.

JP300 - (POU) Under-Sink Purifier

JP300-POU Under-Sink Purifier

The JP300 is an under-the-sink water purifier system which will give you more free working space above your counter-top as the purifier is placed under the sink and only a faucet installed above the counter top for purified water.

JWP20 - (POE) Outdoor Water Filter

JWP20-POE Outdoor Water Purifier

JWP20 POE system is placed outdoor for filtering incoming impurities from outside main water sources.

3. Check your installation connections


Placing outside the house with the incoming water connection, a connection of 3/4” BSP pipe is required for both Inlet and Outlet and a backwash pipe of 1/2” required to drain off water during backwashing.




Mark your purifier location to install below the sink and install the 3-Way Valve to divert water into water purifier by the 1/4” Hose connection. Install the SUS304 Faucet above your sink top and connect the 1/4” Hose to complete the installation.




Just install the Selector Valve to your standard 1/2” BSP Pipe or another option to have a direct valve to the JP200 purifier alone with an adaptor to connect a 1/2” to 1/4” Hose for the JP200 water purifier.


4. Replace cartridge periodically



Backwash monthly

Replace Cartridge when water flow
is slow or unsatisfactory

JP300 & JP200



Replace Cartridge when water flow
is unsatisfactory