Frequently Asked Question


For troubleshooting, please press your EELS / ELCB Test/Reset Button. Your EELS / ELCB may have tripped and you will need to reset it back. For some models of water heater the location of the EELS / ELCB test reset is in the front and some at the bottom right hand corner. For normal circumstances, when you press Test the water heater Green / Red light will turn off, and upon pressing Reset the Green and Red light will turn back on indicating that the water heater is working.

For new installation, another indication  that your wiring problem such as MCB under size. Proper ampere required for the instant water heater is 15Amp. Please check and rectify it with your wireman and if it still trips after being checked and after pressing EELS / ELCB Test / Reset that means there is something wrong with the water heater and you have to call a qualified JOVEN Service technician to service your heater set.

The term Dry-burn is used to explain the problem of storage water heater heating element or thermal fuse to get burnt when being switched on before water is filled within the tank or not enough water in the tank during a water shortage. The copper heating element is to heat up water like any element in a water kettle and without water, a heating element is prone to dry-burn. It’s important to ensure that the tank is full of water to ensure heating element is always immersed in the water to avoid it from dry-burn. Upon experiencing water shortage, please switch off your electrical supply to your storage water heater.

For basic troubleshooting, first check your Green and Red Light. If both lights are off press the EELS / ELCB Test and Reset button. Upon pressing Test the EELS will trip and unit is off and upon pressing Reset the water heater will turn back on. EELS / ELCB is located at the front of the water heater and bottom right for some models. For ELCB models the bottom lever will drop down and a push back is required to Reset the unit.

Please read the instruction manual carefully and the installer must be experienced and qualified before performing any installation. For Joven instant water heater, water inlet is on the right and outlet with slider bar is on the left. An opposite installation will result in a condition called a closed outlet position resulting in damage to the water heater.

Please ensure the installer is qualified to perform the installation. Please read the instruction manual carefully before performing any installation. Storage water heaters are like the kettle system, the heating element must be submerged in water before attempting to introduce electrical supply to the heating element.

For Storage Water heater, the inlet (blue) must be located at the bottom with the outlet (red) must be positioned on the top with isolation barriers on both sides installed and pressure relief valve is installed with a drain pipe connected to the drain. Ensure proper water supply filling the tank and draining any air pressure or pockets for 20 minutes or more with hot outlet at the mixer tap open. Depending on the tank size the time may vary, the larger the tank, the longer the tank needs to fill while draining air pressure and ensure proper electrical supply to the heater before turning on the water heater. Failure to do follow proper installation procedures will result in heating element, thermal fuse and thermostat getting burnt. This is a will cause warranty void as installation error is not covered under warranty.

If installation is following proper procedure, please call our customer service and a technician can be sent on site to verify the problem.

For Water Heater, water pressure is important in getting a consistent temperature in your shower. Sometimes a drop in water pressure, will result in the water becoming hotter whereas an increase in water pressure will result in the water becoming colder.

If water pressure is not the problem, but the water heater is still hot and cold, then there could be a problem and professional assistance is needed. Please call our customer service hotline to get it resolved.

If your storage water heater is newly installed, please ensure that a drain pipe is connected from the pressure relief valve to the drain pipe. The function of a pressure relief valve is to drain off any excess pressure from the storage water heater and there will be droplets of water drained off when the tank pressure is high for safety reasons.

If your unit has been used for sometime please let us know where is it leaking from and we will send a service technician over to service the unit. For leakage from the water tank, the warranty covered is 5 years.

For instant water heaters, there is a Green and Red light. If one or both lights is not working or off, but the water heater is still running or operating as normal, then just a change of LED is necessary to restore the light function of the water heater.

For water filters, a slow water flow indicates that the cartridge may be blocked even when water pressure is normal. After using for sometime for instance between 4 – 6 months, a change of cartridge is necessary to ensure a clean and normal working water filter.