Frequently Asked Question


It could be possible that your wiring problem such as MCB under size. Please check and rectify it with your wireman and if it still trips after being checked, that means there is something wrong with thermostat & heating element and you have to call a qualified JOVEN Service technician to service your heater set.

The term Dryburn is used to explain the problem of storage water heater electrical being switched on before water is filled within the tank causing the heating element or thermofius to burn. The copper heating element is to heat up the water like any element in the kettle. It’s important to ensure that the tank is full of water to ensure heating element is always immersed in the water to avoid it from dryburn. Upon experiencing water shortage, please switch off your electrical supply to your storage water heater.

Problems in installation normally arise from wrong installation or wiring problems. Please read the instruction manual carefully before performing any installation. Inlets and outlets must be on the correct side and ensure that water supply is on and there is proper electrical supply to the heater before turning on the water heater.

There could be a problem arising from installation. Please read the instruction manual carefully before performing any installation. Heater tank must be filled with water for at least 10-15 minutes, tap outlet turned open to release any trapped gas within the tank before attempting to switch on the electrical supply. Storage water heaters are like the kettle system, the heating element must be submerged in water before attempting to introduce electrical supply to the heating element. Failure to do this will result in heating element, thermofius and thermostat getting burnt. This is a will cause warranty void as installation error is not covered under warranty.