Warranty Terms

  1. Joven Marketing Sdn. Bhd. (”Joven”) warrants to the original purchaser (”Purchaser”) that Joven will, within the specified Warranty Period and in accordance with and subject to the following table, terms and conditions, eliminate any defects in the product resulting from faults in material or workmanship. To be eligible for the warranty, the Purchaser must complete and return this Warranty Card to Joven within 14 days from the date of purchase. Proof of date of purchase may be required when making a claim under this warranty. This warranty is in respect of the product installed at the address stated in the Warranty Card and shall under no circumstances be transferable or assignable to any third party.
  2. The Purchaser shall promptly report to Joven within the Warranty Period any defects in the product resulting from faults in materials or workmanship. Joven will repair or, at its option, replace any defective component / part or product which fails within the Warranty Period. All claims must be made within the respective Warranty Period.
  3. The product must be installed in accordance with the instructions manual supplied and all relevant statutory requirements.
  4. Where a failed component / part or product is replaced under warranty, the balance of the Warranty Period will remain effective. The replaced component / part or product does not carry a new warranty.
  5. The warranty only applies to the original and genuine product or replacement component / part and therefore does not cover any plumbing or electrical parts supplied by the installer which is not an integral part of the product e.g. pressure limiting valve, stop cock, check valve, electrical switches, pumps or fuse.
  6. This warranty is valid in Malaysia only.

Warranty Exclusions

  1. Repair and replacement will be carried out as set out in the Joven Warranty Terms but the following exclusions may cause the product warranty to become void or result in the Purchaser being responsible for a service charge and / or the cost of parts.
    • Damage, accidental or otherwise, to the product or its component / part, including: acts of god, failure due to misuse, neglect or poor maintenance; incorrect installation; wear and tear; corrosion, rust, stains, dents or scratches; alter, temper or remove; attempts to repair by any person other than authorised technician or agent of Joven. The serial number of the product has been altered, tampered or removed.
    • Where it is found that there is nothing wrong with the product where the complaint is related to excessive discharge from the safety pressure relief outlet due to high water pressure; where there is insufficient flow of hot water due to faulty plumbing; where water leaks are related to plumbing and not the product or its component / part; where there is a failure of gas, electricity or water supply; where hot water appears to be dirty due to residual dirt from installation or incoming source.
    • Where the component / part or product has failed directly or indirectly as a result of excessive water pressure; thermal input; abnormal voltage; electric surge and / or interference; temperature, radiation and / or corrosive enviroment.
    • Where the product requires dismantling or is installed in a position which is difficult to be accessed hence requiring the removal of ceiling, walls, furnitures etc. or use of special equipment to bring the product to ground level, users will have to engage their own professional services, cost of which will not be borne by Joven.
    • Where the product is connected to water supply containing chloride exceeding 20mg / Litre.
  2. Subject to any statutory provisions to the contrary, this warranty excludes any and all claims for loss or damage suffered through the use of or resulting from the non-operating or ineffective operation of the product or any component / part thereof including loss or damage to furniture, furnishing, walls, foundations and property of whatsoever description or any other consequential loss or damage either directly or indirectly due to negligence, loss of use, malfunction, defect, damage, breakdown or leakage from the product whatsoever and howsoever arising.
  3. Subject to any statutory provisions to the contrary, the liability of Joven for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from any defects in the product supplied (whether caused by negligence or otherwise) or for loss or damage suffered through the use of or resulting from the non-operation or ineffective operation of the product or any component / part thereof shall be limited to the replacement or repair of such product or component / part thereof or to damages not exceeding the invoice value of such product at the option of Joven.